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I would like to
tell you about me

However, in reality the essence of who I am, is best described here...

I discovered Anguilla a little more than five years ago; it was a place I had never seen or even heard of…  Even before my first visit, I had no expectations or, better yet, I had no idea what I would find.

The truth is that what I lived and discovered in my first trip… was like a dream.  It was like being in a classic movie! And you are the the protagonist in the most enchanting setting!!

Anguilla is… that little ‘trocito’; that little something, that we have never seen or felt, but that once discovered… we fall in love with it!

It was only five days! My first time in Anguilla, where and when I discovered its essence, music, beaches, food and wonderful people. 

Anguilla, is not just a part of the West Indies, it is the place where you find your daily music; where you unearth feelings; where you feel the connection to another world that we share, live and are connected … but we don’t know it is there!

Anguilla offers you…

The best version of yourself!  Because its People and Surroundings generate an energy that is unique and special.

All of this, and much more, was what made me come back to Anguilla; so often, that it has become my other home… I come back to Anguilla to enjoy and generate these special feelings I have described. Every second, every minute, every hour… every day!

Anguilla and I want to see you soon! Allow me to help you create an experience that will stay with you forever, and help you discover a place that you will want to visit as often as you can.

We have an assembled a team of Anguilla Connoisseurs, whose main objective will be to help you create an unforgettable experience in Anguilla. We want to know you, your expectations, and wishes for your vacation.  Your safety and security is of paramount importance to us when building your Anguilla experience.

After our first consultation

My goal will be to listen and understand your interests, requirements and expectations. Then, we will organize everything from your arrival, accommodations, experiences, meals and activities that will create and leave and ever lasting memory of our Island.

The pasión I feel for our Island is shared and lived by our Anguilla Connoisseurs Team, and we will endeavor to be your visible, or invisible, right hand to make sure you fall in love with Anguilla and all is organized to exceed your expectations.

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We are also here to assist you before your trip at Anguilla begins.